King of the Mountain – snowboarding exclusives

Snowboarding was big business in the mid to late 1990’s. The inaugural Winter X Games of 1997 brought this niche sport to the mainstream. Suddenly the slopes were not just the stomping ground of middle-class suburban accountants. They were being overrun by radical young dudes, carving up the snow and rewriting the alpine experience. As with any popular trend at the time video games companies wanted their share Continue reading “King of the Mountain – snowboarding exclusives”

Heroes of Might and Magic – the early years – part 2

Strategy games were big business during the 1990’s and this series of articles continues the journey of looking back at one of the most popular franchises during this golden era, Heroes of Might and Magic. Continue reading “Heroes of Might and Magic – the early years – part 2”

Doncaster Video Game Market – 3 March 2019

On a wet, miserable day in Doncaster one of the key events in the video game calendar took place and it certainly did not disappoint. The Doncaster Video Game Market is the biggest, and longest running, gaming market in the UK Continue reading “Doncaster Video Game Market – 3 March 2019”

The Four Quarters

Most retro gamers will have fond memories of the smoke filled arcades of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Slurping Dr Pepper while queuing up to play the latest iteration of Street Fighter II, blowing cigarette ash from the battered buttons of your favourite shooter or battling with a change machine that wont accept your coins. Continue reading “The Four Quarters”

Game Boy Player – Nintendo’s unsung hero

Back at the turn of the century it was clear who was king of the home console wars. Sony’s PlayStation 2 is the biggest selling home console of all time and was released in 2000 off the back of the successful original PlayStation. Nintendo, the remaining console manufacturer from the original console wars after both Sega and Atari had bowed out, had a mountain to climb after bringing their PlayStation competitor out 18 months after Sony’s popular machine. Continue reading “Game Boy Player – Nintendo’s unsung hero”

Heroes of Might and Magic – the early years – part 1

The 1990’s were a somewhat golden era for PC gaming and strategy games in particular were really finding their feet after being labelled a fairly niche genre during the 1980’s. Groundbreaking and popular series such as Command & Conquer, Warcraft and Age of Empires were all released during this exciting time for gamers. Continue reading “Heroes of Might and Magic – the early years – part 1”

Sega on Xbox retrospective

Not long after Sega decided to exit the console business and concentrate on software, Microsoft launched their first console in the shape of the Xbox. This late sixth generation release was filling the gap left by Sega and picked up the mantle as a fresh-faced newcomer vying for players attention Continue reading “Sega on Xbox retrospective”