Drageus Games

Drageus Games – publisher spotlight

Polish based publisher Drageus Games have been bringing us budget indie titles since 2017. They pride themselves on creating games they themselves would play and strive to collaborate with innovative developers and artists. They were brought to the… Read More

twitch affiliate

Twitch Affiliate – Retro Faith’s tips to getting there

One of the aims for many new streamers is obtaining Twitch Affiliate status as quickly as possible. The benefit to being an affiliate is earning revenue through your online community. You earn via subscriptions and donations on the… Read More

freedom planet

Freedom Planet – Switch

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what if the imitation surpases the original? You would be forgiven for thinking Freedom Planet is a simple Sonic clone but it has a personality all of its… Read More

pixel gladiator

Pixel Gladiator – Switch

Pixel Gladiator was released in October 2019 by Flying Island Team, known for their budget puzzle title Mushroom Quest.  It is a 2D retro inspired shooter that sees you defend a base against aliens and robots. You have… Read More

haunted halloween 86

Haunted: Halloween ’86 – Switch

It is not everyday that a new NES game makes its way to Nintendo’s mighty 80’s console. But this is exactly what Retrotainment Games did in 2016 with Haunted: Halloween ’86. Their 6502 Assembly programmed title was released… Read More


F-Zero – 29 years Mode 7

Nintendo were riding high when they released the Super Famicom in November 1990. The success of the Famicon and NES put the gaming giant in an unprecedented position going into the 16-bit console age. The Mega Drive, released… Read More

aladdin lion king

Aladdin and Lion King – Disney’s 16-bit gold

Disney were flying high in the mid 90’s. A golden era that brought us some of their most loved classic movies. Disney struck a deal with Virgin Interactive to bring games to Mega Drive, SNES and other platforms…. Read More

Retro News Roundup – November 2019

As always a bumper month of retro goodness. New games announced, excellent events and some special announcements. We roundup all the latest retro game news.