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Hi, I’m Faith, lovely to meet you and thanks for checking out the website! My journey into the world of retro gaming journalism has been a long one, starting well before retro was retro! For many years I have curated a collection of games with the aim to share the exciting, interesting and cool moments scattered out there in the pixel-verse. Nothing quite feels as good as a little nostalgia, the looking back, the comforting, warm glow of yesteryear.


Where I am today has unfolded quite organically, although I never set out to write articles or make videos. My initial quest was to collect every Sonic game for Sega’s consoles from the UK, USA and Japan. Then attempt to create a museum dedicated to the Blue Blur. This quickly sprawled out into the world of hardware when I took interest in some obscure controllers that I had neither heard of or seen before.

The path has been rocky, full of highs and lows and the research needed to track down items from around the world has helped me to acquire a vast knowledge. The kind of information that would probably be useless to most gamers. However, as the years have ticked by and I fall further and further into the rabbit hole it seems right to start sharing some of the information that has been stored within my retro mind for all this time. I simply wish to impart some knowledge I have gained from over 20 years of playing, collecting and trading games. If one fellow gamer takes one thing away from my content that would make me proud.


This website was created to dive deep into the world of retro gaming. Concentrating on the more obscure or less known elements, be that games, hardware or accessories.  This will come in the shape of straight up articles, retrospectives and loose history of  type affairs. Nothing is off limits, but you will not find reviews of popular games that everyone has read about time and time again. There may be the odd splash of normality but the core aim is to create content on the weird, the wacky and downright bizarre. There will most likely be a leaning toward Sega, as that is my favourite video game company, but that does not mean that other sections of the retro world will be neglected.

Please enjoy the articles and get in touch, I would love to hear from any readers. You may have a good idea for an article? Maybe you just want to tell me I am wrong about something? Or you could inform me about some obscure piece of retro goodness that sets me off on another journey?

mega drive sonic


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