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Biolab Wars – Switch

The Switch has a barrage of retro-inspired titles and Kolibri Game Studio have added to the fun with Biolab Wars. An 8-bit style platform shooter where you play the hero taking on an alien invasion. You will not find anything new with Biolab Wars but if you’re looking for a quick budget blast this could be just what you need.

We picked this up on the Switch Black Friday sale and knew we couldn’t go wrong for 89p. You have seven levels with three characters and several weapons. There is not a lot to this game but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. Each level looks very different from the last and the end of level bosses have different phases that make you think. You can jump, shoot, duck and hang off rails. It is devilishly simple, very 8-bit in nature.

Your game is saved with each level conquered so this is a perfect on the go experience. You can tell that the developers are mobile gaming experts due to the short bursts of action Biolab Wars lays out. During our first playthrough we made it to level three and was glad to be able to start here again after losing all our lives.

The controls are responsive and basic enough that any gamer can pick this one up and have fun. You will have the odd niggle on some platforms but nothing that spoils the simple blasting action. You will notice that there are not a lot of enemies on screen at once. The game is not trying to overload the player but instead allow progression without frustration.

  • biolab war
  • biolab war

The graphics are great, gorgeous pixel art with blocky lines and bold colours. The odd explosion and special effect give a little wow factor and the animation is decent for a budget title. There is nothing groundbreaking here but you will appreciate the attention to detail. We were most impressed with level two that is a motorcycle chase with enemies from above and below. 

The sound will not get your nostalgia gland pumping but it does its job fine. The basic nature of the sound effects is fitting with the games inspiration and style. You may be disappointed with the lack variety in the music. We would like to hear something that distinguishes each area but a lot of the tunes sound very similar. But we must remember that this is a budget indie game and does not have the backing of larger productions.

Biolab Wars is a short game with only seven levels and we did complete it within an hour or so. This is not always a bad thing however, as its quick blast nature is great for the price. If you enjoy games that you don’t have to put many hours into this is exactly the sort of title you should be looking at. You will have it finished quickly and it will be there if you ever wish to improve your score. 

Overall you cannot go wrong with Biolabs Wars. It is the exact kind of game that makes the Switch so appealing to mobile gamers. A quick blast on the go that has just enough challenge without getting bogged down in content. If you have some spare change in your eStore account we recommend checking out this little gem.



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