Welcome to the Retro Faith collection. Here you will find unique pieces  and a bit of history or information about them.

Sega Dreamcast – 4X Memory Card – Phantasy Star Online Edition

This special memory card is a variant on the Visual Memory Unit and holds four times more memory. However, it lacks a screen and is not compatible with all games. It was released in conjunction with Phantasy Star Online in late 2000 exclusively in Japan. The design showcases the games branding as well as Sonic Team, who were the games developers.


Sega Mega Drive – Sega Mega Modem

Released in late 1990 in Japan, the Sega Mega Modem enabled the Mega Drive to connect to internet services provided by Sega. Players could download games to a special cartridge, play multiplayer games online and even check their bank accounts! A US version was set to be released but was ultimately scrapped.


Nintendo GameCube – Hori Game Boy Player Controller

gamecube gameboy player controllerDesigned in the style of the Super Nintendo controller, the Hori Game Boy Player Controller is an excellent alternative to using the standard controller. Especially useful when used with the Game Boy Player. It removes the analogue and c-stick to simplify the layout that matches the simpler controls needed for Game Boy games.


Burning Rangers – Sega Saturn

burning rangersBurning Rangers was the last game developed by Sonic Team for the Sega Saturn. Released in early 1998 it would be one of the systems final releases and is an uncommon game. The player takes control of futuristic firefighters battling the ever forming blazes and saving survivors. It is widely regarded as one of the Saturn’s best games. The NTSC-U version is pictured here.


Knuckles Chaotix – Mega Drive 32X

knuckles chaotixReleased in April 1995 for the Mega Drive 32X, this is Knuckles only starring role. The usual Sonic style gameplay is replaced with a link system that enabled characters to help each other through levels. Sometimes misunderstood, this game was not well received but has since gained a cult following. The PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J versions are pictured.


Puyo Puyo Fever – Dreamcast

puyo puyo feverThis was the last game released by Sega for their own console in 2004, although it was not the last official release on the system. That was Karous released almost three years later. Puyo Puyo Fever is unique for having an option that allows Dreamcast owners to change their home screen to 3D. This version of the game is exclusive to Japan.