Freezedream – retro tunes interview

Retro Faith was lucky to catch up with Freezedream who has been working hard on the soundtrack for new Neo Geo shmup Project Neon. Freezedream is also know in the retro community for releasing a Mega Drive cart album and the man behind the Tanglewood soundtrack. Read More

bitmap books

Bitmap Books – opinion

There are plenty of hardback retro books produced each year. Designed to hit the nostalgia gland with a trip down memory lane. Sometimes they are simply a best of compilation or games you may have missed type affirs. Usually they are quite short and more about the images than the actual content. Bitmap Books have stepped it up and published what are more like retro encyclopedias than a quick nostalgia bump. Read More


Excitebike – review

Early Famicon and NES games were very hit and miss but Excitebike was a staple of any collection worth its salt. Two game modes and a track editor helped this motocross racing game earn a place in the hearts of many players. Retro Faith takes a brief look back at this classic. Read More


Remute – retro tunes interview

It is not everyday a techno album is released on the Mega Drive but Sega’s blast processing beast certainly has the sonic capabilities to pull it off. Retro Faith was lucky to get an interview with Remute. The techno musician with a love of retro gaming. Read More

gunstar heroes

Gunstar Heroes – Treasure’s Mega Drive gold

Its 26 years since Treasure exploded onto the console scene with Gunstar Heroes. The legendary developers first game regularly finds itself in Mega Drive top ten lists due to its amazing presentation and excellent playability. Gunstar Heroes cemented Treasure’s reputation as the gold standard for Mega Drive shooters and Retro Faith looks back at this cult classic. Read More

Flicky – the little bird that could

The early days of video games were intriguing times. The genres we all take for granted now had not been set in stone and what you would think of as the classic 2D platformer was still not familiar to most players. During the early 80’s developers tested new ideas on how to navigate their characters around platforms. Retro Faith takes a look back at Flicky, Sega’s effort to build on this fledgling genre. Read More

mega drive classics

Alien shooters on Mega Drive

Following the release of Xeno Crisis on the Mega Drive last month Retro Faith has been playing a lot of shooters for Sega’s 16-bit beast. The Mega Drive has a lot of alien inspired shooters and we take a look at a select few you should check out yourself. These are all playable on Mega Drive Classics available on most modern platforms. Read More

Spirit Roots – Switch

A new 2D platformer has been released for the Switch and we give our initial thoughts. At its heart Spirit Roots is a traditional 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Rayman. Developer Fireart Games have not taken many risks with Spirit Roots. It is all very familiar and while the presentation is slick, the controls are not as responsive as you would want from a platformer. Read More

Project Neon Kickstarter 5th November

A new Neo Geo game called Project Neon is in development and Retro Faith has the lowdown from Sascha Reuter from developer FullSet. The official unveiling for Project Neon’s Kickstater is 5th November 8pm (BST) and there are plans for both MVS and AES releases. We have just seen the trailer and this new title will definitely cause a stir in the retro community.

Read More

retro news

Retro News Roundup – October 2019

October has been a busy month on the retro news scene. New games, a few celebrations and great retro events. Read More