twitch affiliate

Twitch Affiliate – Retro Faith’s tips to getting there

One of the aims for many new streamers is obtaining Twitch Affiliate status as quickly as possible. The benefit to being an affiliate is earning revenue through your online community. You earn via subscriptions and donations on the Twitch platform. The difficulty is Twitch ask you to fulfil certain criterias before they open up the revenue features on your channel. This article will explain our journey to obtaining Twitch Affiliate in less than two weeks. Read More

freedom planet

Freedom Planet – Switch

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what if the imitation surpases the original? You would be forgiven for thinking Freedom Planet is a simple Sonic clone but it has a personality all of its own. When we first started playing this in the Retro Faith offices we instantly started comparing to the Blue Blur. That quickly stopped after it became apparent that we were playing a special game. Read More

pixel gladiator

Pixel Gladiator – Switch

Pixel Gladiator was released in October 2019 by Flying Island Team, known for their budget puzzle title Mushroom Quest.  It is a 2D retro inspired shooter that sees you defend a base against aliens and robots. You have been sent to an abandoned planet for a gameshow Running Man style. As you kill enemies you gain money, much like a traditional tower defence game, but you also have a character to control in real time. Read More

haunted halloween 86

Haunted: Halloween ’86 – Switch

It is not everyday that a new NES game makes its way to Nintendo’s mighty 80’s console. But this is exactly what Retrotainment Games did in 2016 with Haunted: Halloween ’86. Their 6502 Assembly programmed title was released on cartridges and is available at Cash In Culture today. The game has since been released digitally for PC and consoles and Retro Faith is taking a look at the Switch version. Read More


F-Zero – 29 years Mode 7

Nintendo were riding high when they released the Super Famicom in November 1990. The success of the Famicon and NES put the gaming giant in an unprecedented position going into the 16-bit console age. The Mega Drive, released two years earlier, was doing well but Nintendo had an ace up their sleeve. Mode 7 graphics enabled the SNES to produce jaw dropping  pseudo 3D backgrounds. The first game to use this amazing feature was F-Zero. Read More

aladdin lion king

Aladdin and Lion King – Disney’s 16-bit gold

Disney were flying high in the mid 90’s. A golden era that brought us some of their most loved classic movies. Disney struck a deal with Virgin Interactive to bring games to Mega Drive, SNES and other platforms. The partnership led to three games, Aladdin, The Jungle Book and The Lion King. Aladdin and The Lion King have been released on the Switch and Retro Faith is seeing how these new ports hold up. Read More

Retro News Roundup – November 2019

As always a bumper month of retro goodness. New games announced, excellent events and some special announcements. We roundup all the latest retro game news. Read More

biolab wars

Biolab Wars – Switch

The Switch has a barrage of retro-inspired titles and Kolibri Game Studio have added to the fun with Biolab Wars. An 8-bit style platform shooter where you play the hero taking on an alien invasion. You will not find anything new with Biolab Wars but if you’re looking for a quick budget blast this could be just what you need. Read More

out run sega

Out Run – Switch

Out Run is a special game, not just due to the nostalgia it induces, but because it dared to be different. Before Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece blasted into arcades in September 1986 most racing games gave you a top down view or featured cars that exploded. Even the influential Pole Position had a F1 car that went down in flames if you clipped the advertising hoardings. Read More

steve hird

Steve Hird – Sumo Digital

Retro Faith was lucky to catch up with Steve Hird, Senior Environment Artist at Sumo Digital. Steve has over 18 years experience in the industry as an artist and has worked for developers THQ Digital and Sony/Evolution Studios. He has worked on many high profile titles including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Battlefield Modern Combat. Steve also creates film props and examples range from Star Wars to Iron Man. Read More