Game Boy Player – Nintendo’s unsung hero

Back at the turn of the century it was clear who was king of the home console wars. Sony’s PlayStation 2 is the biggest selling home console of all time and was released in 2000 off the back of the successful original PlayStation. Nintendo, the remaining console manufacturer from the original console wars after both Sega and Atari had bowed out, had a mountain to climb after bringing their PlayStation competitor out 18 months after Sony’s popular machine. Read More

Heroes of Might and Magic – the early years – part 1

The 1990’s were a somewhat golden era for PC gaming and strategy games in particular were really finding their feet after being labelled a fairly niche genre during the 1980’s. Groundbreaking and popular series such as Command & Conquer, Warcraft and Age of Empires were all released during this exciting time for gamers. Read More

Sega on Xbox retrospective

Not long after Sega decided to exit the console business and concentrate on software, Microsoft launched their first console in the shape of the Xbox. This late sixth generation release was filling the gap left by Sega and picked up the mantle as a fresh-faced newcomer vying for players attention Read More

Special Dreamcast Controllers

The Sega Dreamcast controller is one that divides opinion and this article is dedicated to showcasing a few special controllers that were released during Sega’s hardware swansong. Read More

Happy 25th Birthday Sonic 3

2nd February 1994 saw the release of a brand new Sonic adventure in North America, it was quickly followed up with a Japanese and European release. The great success of the Sega Mega Drive’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 meant that fans did not have to wait long for this next instalment of the classic series. Read More