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Super Wiloo Demake – Switch

We recently featured Freedom Planet and discussed how clones of older games can surpass their inspiration. Super Wiloo Demake, from Ratakaila Games, is a straight Super Mario Bros. 3 clone that just about keeps up, let alone, surpasses the source material. Before you get the impression this is a bad title, read on, it is actually quite charming. It feels very simplistic but is aimed at younger gamers, so we bare that in mind for this Switch review.

Set across 50 levels broken down into five worlds there is plenty of platforming challenge to be had with Wiloo. You are on a quest to rescue your dog from the clutches of a confused alien. It makes little sense but as with 8-bit platformers of old the story is largely irrelevant. You will face a boss at the end of each world that loosley matches the worlds theme. Water, forrest, nothing out of the ordinary that you would not expect from a kids platform adventure. 


Super Wiloo Demake plays well even with its simplistic presentation and levels. You have power ups to find that are almost exactly the same as the ones form Super Mario Bros. 3. Frog suit, bee flying suit, unicorn horn firing and a Sonic-esque roll suit. They all have their own abilities and just like Mario if you are hit by an enemy you reduce to normal Wiloo. Taking a hit in this mode leads to a death.

There are numerous pits to avoid and lots of platforming action that require you to use the double jump. You also have a run button to satisfy your speed-running thirst. The rest of the game is what you would expect, enemies scattered throughout and a few secrets to uncover. The gameplay does nothing to move the genre along but it does ooze 8-bit platformer so it doesn’t need any more.

  • super willo demake
  • super willo demake

Controlling our hero is decent, collision detection is good with just enough pixel perfect jumps to keep play interesting. You must keep in mind that this is aimed at young gamers so there is little challenge even on the hardest difficulty. A negative with Wiloo is the lack of enemy variety. Apart from the five bosses, only a handful of enemy types are present. We would have liked to see a few more enemy types to mix things up a little.

Presentation is very basic and you will not be blown away by either the graphics or music. However, the animation and use of colour reminded us of Yoshi’s Island on the SNES. A cool, pastel palette with cutesy characters. For a budget game you can certainly appreciate what the developers were aiming for. You can blast through the game and miss some of the great pixel art, but if you explore there are some beautiful, if minimalist, graphics.


While Super Wiloo Demake will not be winning any originality awards it does exactly what it set out to do. Give you a simple platformer with charming visuals that appeals to its target audience. The difficulty level is just right to make sure young gamers can keep up with it. We found that even though it is easy it is well made and has the right amount of levels. We feel that anymore and we might not have wanted to see the end.

This game will not appeal to a large group of gamers but as a budget title with a simple mission it succeeds. If you are on the lookout for kid friendly titles, that show how gaming used to be, this could be what you’re looking for. If you want a challenging platform experience with some depth then this one can be avoided. Certainly a decent game just hampered by being easy with basic gameplay.


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