Squidlit – Switch

Publisher Squidlit Inc. set themselves a challenge to code a game that could be played on the original Game Boy. They have certainly succeeded and Squidlit is a delightful action platformer that will bring you back to 1989…. Read More


Defenders of Ekron – Switch

Usually when a developer attempts to blend two genres together it results in something brilliant, groundbreaking or simply an unplayable mess. We are glad to announce that Defenders of Ekron is the former. You may not feel it… Read More

Delta Squad – Switch

We are a big fan of twin-stick shooters at the Retro Faith offices. Our gushing over Xeno Crisis was well deserved and we have another for review on the Switch. Delta Squad, from publisher Ratalaika Games, was released… Read More


Farabel – Switch

Turn based time travelling has landed in the form of Farabel. Developed by Frogames and released by Dreagus Games and Goblinz in December 2019. This budget title includes thirteen levels accompanied by survival and single scenario modes. It… Read More

warhammer quest 2

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times – Switch

Warhammer has made a comeback the last few years with an abundance of releases of varying quality. Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times was originally released as a touchscreen game for mobiles in 2017 before coming to Steam… Read More

Drageus Games

Drageus Games – publisher spotlight

Polish based publisher Drageus Games have been bringing us budget indie titles since 2017. They pride themselves on creating games they themselves would play and strive to collaborate with innovative developers and artists. They were brought to the… Read More

freedom planet

Freedom Planet – Switch

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what if the imitation surpases the original? You would be forgiven for thinking Freedom Planet is a simple Sonic clone but it has a personality all of its… Read More

haunted halloween 86

Haunted: Halloween ’86 – Switch

It is not everyday that a new NES game makes its way to Nintendo’s mighty 80’s console. But this is exactly what Retrotainment Games did in 2016 with Haunted: Halloween ’86. Their 6502 Assembly programmed title was released… Read More

biolab wars

Biolab Wars – Switch

The Switch has a barrage of retro-inspired titles and Kolibri Game Studio have added to the fun with Biolab Wars. An 8-bit style platform shooter where you play the hero taking on an alien invasion. You will not… Read More

Spirit Roots – Switch

A new 2D platformer has been released for the Switch and we give our initial thoughts. At its heart Spirit Roots is a traditional 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Rayman. Developer Fireart Games have not taken… Read More