Squidlit – Switch

Publisher Squidlit Inc. set themselves a challenge to code a game that could be played on the original Game Boy. They have certainly succeeded and Squidlit is a delightful action platformer that will bring you back to 1989…. Read More

tactical mind 2

Tactical Mind 2 – Switch review

Tactical Mind 2 picks up where the first game left off, using taxing puzzles to stretch your mind and avoid defeat. It borrows a lot from chess with the grand aim to take the King, or in this… Read More

super willo demake

Super Wiloo Demake – Switch

We recently featured Freedom Planet and discussed how clones of older games can surpass their inspiration. Super Wiloo Demake, from Ratakaila Games, is a straight Super Mario Bros. 3 clone that just about keeps up, let alone, surpasses… Read More

Defenders of Ekron – Switch

Usually when a developer attempts to blend two genres together it results in something brilliant, groundbreaking or simply an unplayable mess. We are glad to announce that Defenders of Ekron is the former. You may not feel it… Read More

Delta Squad – Switch

We are a big fan of twin-stick shooters at the Retro Faith offices. Our gushing over Xeno Crisis was well deserved and we have another for review on the Switch. Delta Squad, from publisher Ratalaika Games, was released… Read More

freedom planet

Freedom Planet – Switch

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what if the imitation surpases the original? You would be forgiven for thinking Freedom Planet is a simple Sonic clone but it has a personality all of its… Read More

pixel gladiator

Pixel Gladiator – Switch

Pixel Gladiator was released in October 2019 by Flying Island Team, known for their budget puzzle title Mushroom Quest.  It is a 2D retro inspired shooter that sees you defend a base against aliens and robots. You have… Read More

haunted halloween 86

Haunted: Halloween ’86 – Switch

It is not everyday that a new NES game makes its way to Nintendo’s mighty 80’s console. But this is exactly what Retrotainment Games did in 2016 with Haunted: Halloween ’86. Their 6502 Assembly programmed title was released… Read More

biolab wars

Biolab Wars – Switch

The Switch has a barrage of retro-inspired titles and Kolibri Game Studio have added to the fun with Biolab Wars. An 8-bit style platform shooter where you play the hero taking on an alien invasion. You will not… Read More

out run sega

Out Run – Switch

Out Run is a special game, not just due to the nostalgia it induces, but because it dared to be different. Before Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece blasted into arcades in September 1986 most racing games gave you a top… Read More